Below is the printable version of the PSI 2020 Petition! The PSI 2020 initiative (https://psi-2020.org/) needs more than 114,000 signatures of Oregon voters to get this on the November 2020 ballot.

Please follow these steps to make sure your signature counts.

Step 1: Read the petition, then save to your computer and print

Step 2: Sign and date on the top line at the bottom of the sheet, print your name very clearly on the second line, (if your name is not written CLEARLY your signature will not count), write the address at which you are registered to vote, including the full name of your city and zip code. Make sure to leave the sheet number space “blank” on the lower far right corner

Step 3: Fold the signed sheet and mail to Sheri and Thomas Eckert 7605 SW Gearhart Drive Beaverton, OR 97007. Don't forget the stamp!

Step 4: SHARE this page on your social media, or email the link to 20 or more of your friends and family and follow up with them to make sure they took action. This one is really important!

Step 5: Snap a picture of yourself with your signed sheet and post online with the hashtag #SporegonVoter or use the #SporegonVoter picture as your profile pic on social media

Thanks for being a part of the revolution!!




#SporegonVoter JPEG

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